• ♡ So, I guess you wanna know a bit about me right? Long story short. Gaming has been a part of my life ever since I was a child. From Nintendo 64 to Counter Strike (started with 1.6). My current rank on matchmaking is LE, but I usally play a lot more Faceit than matchmaking.

    Apart from gaming I really like painting. It helps me to relax and I find it very stimulating. All my paintings are limited edition as in one copy and signed. Feel free to write me a pm if you are intrested.
    Another thing I like is to drive around in my yellow car with my amazing friends and discover and do as many stupid things as possible. Life is to short to not enjoy!! Anything more you wanna know about me? Don’t be afraid to ask eather here or in the chat.

  • ♡ I play a lot of FACEIT when I play csgo, also in viewergames. Feel free to add me there if you want to play with me.

  • ♡ Wanna trade with me? Here you can send me tradeoffers.

    Daoulo Gut knife fade, AWP asiimov
    Thereallinne Flip Knife Blue Steel, Glock Fade etcPlingPlongTjongstorfjong Gut Knife Doppler & Slaughter
    Jonzeyy Gut Knife Vanilla
    OmniTG 99 Keys

    You guys are CRAZY

  • ♡ There are some people I really wanna say thanks to. First of all my brother OfficialvKING, for helping me with support and stream setups. Would mean the world to me if you checked out his stream as well. Hopefully you will like it since he is playing on a very high level with professional players. Here are the rest of the heroes, I can’t thank you enough <3

    Top D / Thereallinne 1400$ /

    500+ / Norrlandshulken 534$ / H94ampus 533$ /

    200+/ 377$ Hahachalle / PlingPlingTjongstorfjong 304$ / Fourscorebarrel 300$ / SejK1 290$ / Hahachalle / Togatogatv 280$ / OfficialvKING 270$ / Zap_it 231$ / Benganfs1 206$ / Togatogatv 280$ /

    100+ / Xs3Lo 180$ / Illerdain 170$ /Sebbestaxx 153$ / Treyoproduction 100$ /

    50+ / Karmaah 75$ / Tobbe021 73$ / LawlzyCS 70$ / SmaskelLTJD 70$ / Jengan 65$ / Oggmeister 60$ /

    99 Keys: OmniTG

  • OS: Windows 10 CPU: GPU: RAM:

  • ♡ Donates are always appreciated of course and I can’t thank you enough for helping me support my dreams.

    To donate, press the buttom. Your name will immediately pop up on the screen unless it’s under 1 dollar.