• Not much to say, 27 year old grill from Sweden who loves to play CS:GO. But from time to time I might play other games aswell.

  • Q: Are you sitting in the kitchen?
    A: I used to. But slowly I found my way out of there. It was a big step for me to leave the kitchen.

    Q: Is your oven on?
    A: No, it’s not on. Thanks for your concern though.

    Q: Wtf, horsefund?
    A: Well, they eat a lot.

    Q: What’s your sensitivity in CS:GO?
    A: 800 DPI, 1 sens

    Q: Do you play in a team?
    A: Maybe

    Q: Why don’t you have a followersound and why don’t you thank me for a follow u rude mf?
    A: Guys, I LOVE YOU for your follow. It means so damn much to me, however a followersound can disturb an important round and it’s really hard to thank 9400+ people in person. Trust me, I am so greatful!

    Q: What happened to your Howl?
    A: Well, I bought it for $350 and sold it for $1400. Didn’t scam anyone or lie to them. The timing was right. My beautiful Howl “Howly Shit” will never be forgotten <3

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  • MONITORS: BenQ 24″ XL2430T 144hz,
    Asus VP247H 23,6″
    OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10 CPU TYPE: Intel® Core™ i7-4790K 4GHz
    GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB SC + ACX 2.0
    RAM: 16 GB A-data XPG
    MOUSEPAD: Steelseries QcK+
    MOUSE: Xtrfy XG-M2
    KEYBOARD: Razer Black Widow Ultimate Stealth
    HEADSET: Plantronics RIG500E/Steelseries V3

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    • GunslingerBOB: Flip knife Fade
    • NicoLappan: Falchion Safari Mesh + Falchion Scorched
    • PappaRotfrukt: Flipknife Marble Fade (How sick!?) AND A HOWL!!!! <—BEAST
    • Unhairy: M9 Bayonet Urban Masked
    • Freezy89: Gut Knife Stained
    • Gaben the one and only: Butterfly Vanilla
    • Xs3Lo: AWP Asiimov ST
    • Peeppox: AWP Man-o-war
    • Klutropias: ST Five-Seven Monkey Business, AK-47 Jaguar,
    • Joniboy: M4A1-S Guardian ST
    • Erikmeister: AK-47 Blue Laminate ST
    • Spawnnwaps: AWP Corticera + Glock 18 Catacombs ST
    • Pawel: AWP Redline + P250 Franklin
    • Jarvliet: Keys and cases, P90 Asiimov
    • QewinL: AWP Asiimov
    • Vannadikta: AWP Asiimov, Deagle ST Corinthian
    • Alverhito: M9 Bayonet Stained BS
    • ExeTick: Shadow Daggers Vanilla (Used for giveaway) + Butterfly Vanilla!!
  • Exerox and Eyewind designed my overlays, pay them a visit

  • Work part-time, pracc on evenings, so I stream as much as I can fit into the day, with regards to taking care of my horse.

  • Super extra huge thanks to these sick €500+ donations

    Klutropias for the €4834 donation!

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    • Jaguaren81 for donating Life Is Strange and Payday 2.
    • Snebulan for donating Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, The Walking Dead and The Wolf Amoung Us.
    • Vannadikta for donating BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite, Nyan Cat: Lost In Space, Resident Evil Revelations and Stay Alight.
    • GunslingerBOB for donating H1Z1.
    • waxxy1337 for donating Grand Theft Auto V.
    • Feraam for donating Outlast, I mean if I dare to play it 😉
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    • blueberie for donating a whole bunch of games under update